Easter yurting

Inside 21 foot yurt

With Easter having come early this year we raced to get everything ready for the beginning of our season and made it just in time.  Thank you to everyone has been to stay with us so far this year, we hope you all had a fun time.  There’s been all sorts of weather… March didn’t excatly go out like a lamb as the old saying goes! The signs of Spring are appearing here in West Wales, the trees are budding, bluebells emerging and primroses flowering.  It’s a lovely time of year to get out into the countryside.

The last two lambs were born on the farm today and will soon be our in the field to join their mates.  All the lambs and ewe are in the field you walk through before entering the yurt field at the moment.  Anyone coming to stay over the next few weeks will see them skipping about and sleeping in the grass as you wander though to your yurt.

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