Timber framed toilet is up!

Today has been another milestone as we have just put up the timber frame for the toilet block. With help from Henry we have been turning the hewn timber we felled in February into a cruck framed toilet. In total I think we have spent 12 days turning standing trees into a timber frame. It has been so satisfying and a huge learning experience. The bending nature of the wood has given the building a lot of character!

I think we were all amazed at the speed with which the building went up today. We started at 4:30 and had all the pole rafters on by 7. Generously, Sam Holden of www.hafodcheese.co.uk gave us a hand today and made all the oak pegs for the building. The weather looks good for the weekend so we are going to clad and roof the building. This should be really quick as we have got some lovely deep larch boards for the cladding.

Our visiting Eagle Owl is still sitting proudly in his tree, I hope he hangs around until we open.

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