Little tweaks & little squeaks!

Hello, sorry it’s been so long since the last news update, we have been so busy since we opened which has been brilliant, thank-you. Everything is going really well, with all the yurters really enjoying themselves. People are amazed with how peaceful it is around here with only the sound of the birds or maybe if your lucky the pitter patter of rain to wake you up. We have a long list of useful suggestions to make our yurts even better so we are busy trying to act on them all.

Our solar showers are working well, it is amazing how hot the water can get when the sun shows its face. Our wind turbine and pv solar panel have been well tested and we have been lucky to have always had either wind or sun to create our electricity.

We are going to change the roof on our cabin because it gets quite ‘acoustic’ when the wind picks up. Instead we will put onduline corrugate on the roof with lots of clear panels to let lots of light in.

And i have finally got my piglets! Smokey and streaky, (saddleback x berkshire breed) arrived exactly a week ago and are in the old pig sty on the farm before making their way down to the field beside the yurts. They are both a bit shy but are getting the hang of coming flying out of their straw nest when they hear the food bucket coming. In a couple of weeks they will be joined by another 2 piglets so everyone will have be able to watch them ploughing up the soil and playing in the field.

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