(Not so) Fantastic Mr Fox

Here is the cabin and compost toilets very early in the morning with the sun rising through the clouds. We’ve made it through some wild summer weather, the turbine has been whizzing in the wind and the rain has given everything a good sprinkle but it has done nothing to dampen any of our yurters good spirits. The woodburners in the yurts have been keeping everyone toasty while we’ve busy restocking the woodshed.

Unfortunately Mr Fox came along and gobbled up the chickens we had down the field. We are now working on putting up a pen and a new arc down the field as soon as we can so you can check the eggs and chicks when you visit.

The pigs are growing really well and have been joined by two more weaners called WIlberforce and Michael Jackson. They are ploughing their way through their field really fast.

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