Pigs on the loose

We are now in our 3rd year as yurt farmers and have been welcoming new and returning guests back to our yurts. The field is looking really good this year with the trees and fruit bushes we planted finally starting to put their roots down. The hedges are full of white blossom just before everything turns green once again.

The picnic tables i made over the winter have already had lots of use. They are great for having breakfast on while watching the sun coming up behind the mountains.

The cows are now your new neighbours in the field beside the yurts. They will begin calving over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed that some lucky yurters will get to see a calf being born.

We have picked up our new piglets which are running around in the other field next to the yurts. They are wild boar crosses and have already proved to be brilliant escape artists. They got out almost straight away and then had a great time running around the yurts before finally tiring themselves out enough so that we could catch them (thank you The Evanses!). They are a bit camera shy but i’ll try and get a photo soon.

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