Calves everywhere

The cows started calving 2 weeks ago so their are lots of little red and white calves hiding in the fields. So far we have had 3 heifers and 3 bull calves, all born healthily in the field beside the yurts.

A big congratulations to Tracy and Dean who came back again this year and gave our brilliant new stoves a thorough testing. They lit their stove on Friday and kept it going all the way through the weekend until they left on Monday without relighting it. Well done!

Our piglets are getting bigger by the day, very soon they will be bigger than Mossy and Wren although i don’t think this will bother our little ones at all.

We built a new chicken house this year so that we could have more chickens around the yurts and therefore lots more eggs for all the children to find. The chickens are loving their new home and the eggs hardly touch the nest before our keen guests race back to cook them up in their yurts. The simple things are always the best.

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