Campfire cooking

We have got some brilliant new Dutch ovens for everyone to use over their campfires. Kate and Mark and their boys made a juicy lamb stew and cooked it over their campfire as the sun went down. They also barbequed fresh mackerel they caught on a boat ride in the afternoon in New Quay.

We had S4C filming the yurts and the farm on Tuesday for a gardening program called “Byw yn yr Ardd”. You can see Thea and I showing off the best bits of The Yurt Farm in a few weeks….I’ll let you know when we’re on!

A redstart and a woodpecker are busy nesting in trees around the farm. The woodpecker has made a large hole in an ash tree along the track and it’s young chirp loudly we wander past. The redstart is on the farm flying boldly around with it’s mate back and forth from its’ nest. Unfortunately my photo of it only looks like a blurry speck amongst the leaves.

Just in case you were wondering, all the cows calved successfully outside and had 5 heifers and 4 bull calves in total.

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