Bye Bye rusty train carriage

At last… we’ve started work on the train carriage. It has been sitting outside our house for nearly 2 years waiting for us to have a moment to start on it. Work finally got underway on Wednesday building the internal framework for the walls. I will pop up more images as the project progresses and make a new page on our website for it soon.

My dad found a tiny little leveret sunning itself amongst the potatoes. He had noticed that quite a lot of the vegetables had been nibbled in the field, cheeky monkey!

We have got some of these lovely plants growing around the edges of the yurt field. We think they are narrow tipped helleborines.

We’ve just been to see our yurt makers and have asked them to make us a replacement yurt 21ft to go in the bottom field. We are replacing it for a number of reasons but the new yurt will have a white canvas and an ash frame. It will be ready for all our guests the next year.

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