Silage time

What a perfect summers day it has been.

The sun has shone since sunrise with no clouds in the sky. I chopped a whole trailer full of logs to replenish the woodshed while Thea went off with Mossy and Wren to find a gorsey place to put her bee hives. They found a lovely spot down the valley for the bees so we may get a jar or two next year, fingers crossed.

The grass has been cut, baled and made into silage today, ready for the cow’s winter feed. Dad is still whizzing around collecting the last of the bales to be wrapped. Mossy and Wren had a great time watching the bales pop out of the baler and then jumping on them.

I went fishing off Aberystwyth on Tuesday and caught lots of mackerel and a pollock for our tea. It’s a lovely thing to do if you get the chance when you come to stay.

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