Red train coming

Autumn has definately arrived with the leaves starting to change colour and fall off the trees in the wind. The yurts stood up really well to the tail end of the hurricane last week, luckily we missed the worst of it.

On my way up from the yurts this evening i looked back and a huge rainbow had swept over the yurt field as the last drizzle of the day cleared. I rushed up to the house to get a camera but it had gone, it was a beauty though!

We are busy working on The Train Carriage whenever we get a chance and the sun is shining. We been making lots of noise getting all the rust off and getting some coats of paint on. It is going to be painted post box red as soon as the sun shines again, then work can begin on the wooden walls, floor and roof.

We were on the TV a couple of weeks ago but you can still catch us online by clicking the link below. It’s on S4C so click the subtitles if your Welsh isn’t up to scratch! We’re 25 minutes into the program.

The Yurt Farm on S4C

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