The best view in the world

Over the last couple of weeks we have been fitting windows, a sideboard and bed in The Train Carriage. The sideboard is made with some nicely grained ash from the farm that is really bright white. We’ve salvaged some old boards from the train carriage for the side of the worktop.

The bed needs a little bit more work, again we’re using a big lovely bit of ash wood from the farm for the edge. Lying on the bed and looking out of the window at the mountains is going to be an awesome view to wake up to. Mossy and Wren, our children, are loving playing dens under the bed…. i think it’s going to become a favourite!

Meanwhile, outside i have nearly finished putting the sedum turf on the roof. When the turf is fully soaked i think the whole roof will weigh about 2 tonnes so it’s lucky that the steel frame of the carriage is so well made. We’re off to the beach on Tuesday to pick up some big pebbles to go around the edge of the roof.

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