Yurt raising

You can tell when we have been busy because our news updates get more sporadic. With about 2 weeks to go before we open for our 4th year we have been steadily working though our job lists of things to improve, repair and maintain ready for the year. Not to mention finishing off The Train Carriage!

Lots of people ask us what we get up to over the winter period when the yurts are down. Oddly, over the last few years we have found ourselves even more busy than when we are open. March is always a big push, putting up the yurts, furnishing them and having a good old spring clean of the facilities and site.

This year we also decided to redesign some of the yurt floors as they had developed a few squeaky planks. After a week of dry weather, a good hammer, nails and some Osmo floor tint the floors are fresh and solid once again. Thank you Jan. The sideboards have also been re pegged, modified and inspected by the chickens (see photo).

I’ll pop some of the latest Train Carriage photos on the news soon. It now has all it’s windows and a brilliant little wood burner chugging away in it and an amazingly comfy king size mattress from Abaca. We are looking forward to trying it out next week.

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