Cuckoos and woodpeckers

It’s been a while since my last post mainly because i always forget how many things there are to do in the day when we’re open. The sun and rain has turned the farm a lush green, the cuckoo has been calling and the woodpecker chicks are chirping noisily from their hole in the ash tree on the track. You can see their parents going in and out of the hole feeding them if your patient (and lucky!).

The Train Carriage has now welcomed lots of happy guests, surprised by how cosy and roomy it is. The sedum roof and sheepswool insulation mean that only a few logs are needed on the fire before it’s warm through the night. The blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes in front of it look like they are going to crop heavily this year also.

Mossy and Wren also have a new baby brother who will be scooting around the yurt fields before we know it. Maybe that’s the real reason why it has taken me so long to put some new news up!

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