Donkeys and a new bed

The orange yurt has a new bed… i made it from some bits and pieces left over from building the train carriage and some ash wood that we felled two years ago. Hopefully we will make new king size beds for all of the yurts this year. They will all be a little different. I am making the next one out of some cherry and cleft ash… pictures to follow soon.

And, most importantly, we have some new donkeys! Thea couldn’t resist our neighbours donkeys they were selling so she bought them all. So we now have 3 jennys grazing the meadow on the track down to the yurts. They’re a friendly trio and love a good scratch. Mossy and Wren are keen to ride them but we’ll have to wait until next year as they’re only a year old.

The yurt field is a sea of dandelions at the moment. When the sun is out a carpet of yellow fills the grass, it feels good to see some colour.

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