The three little pigs have finally arrived

The three little pigs have finally arrived. Their mum, Blodwyn, had 14 piglets so i think she would have been happy for us to take these three off her hands! The eggs they are eating are from the hens on the farm as there always a few every morning that get broken. The pigs love them.

I have been chopping lots of wood so that it can season and be ready for the next few years. I used to cut all our wood by axe but as much as i loved it, i couldn’t keep up with demand! We now have a firewood processor which makes things much quicker. For some reason i find the sight of a neatly stacked wood pile growing incredibly satisfying. On the other side, for our guests, getting a glowing campfire burning or lighting up the woodburning stove in their yurt is one of the most simplest and fulfilling parts of their holiday. Soon it will be time to building a new woodstack….

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