A true summer to remember

A true summer to remember full of hot sunny days, haymaking and lots of swimming in the sea.

Thea bought two milking goats, something she has been wanting to do for a long time. We now get fresh milk every morning and evening. If we can’t drink it all, Thea has been making some simple, fresh and tasty cheeses.

Our friend showed us an old Scottish crofting method of making hay using a tripod. The hay is thatched onto the tripod in such a way that it is kept off the ground, allowing the grass underneath to grow while the fresh hay dries above. We made 10 tripods over two sunny days which were then baled up. They will be the perfect for the goats over the winter.

The farm shop and vegetable field has been looking lush and full with all of this years crops growing well and plentiful. Even our fruit bushes down the yurt field decided to finally bear some fruit. We made our first jars of blackcurrant jam and had been hoping to make raspberry jam also but Wren, Mossy and Sylvan beat us to them!

We’ve got some availability still this September if you can be tempted!

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