It’s all go for another season

We’re open for the season and it feels bed in the mini yurt

After a busy few weeks working through the job list, we’re really happy with how everything is looking.  We think all the yurts are looking really special this year.

inside with their own unique king size beds that we made over the winter.

We planted up a lot of woodland in the yurt meadow when we first started and it a nice feeling to see all the young trees maturing and watching their leaf buds popping open in the spring sunshine.   Overgrown areas have been cleared back so there will be lots of bluebells on display behind the train carriage.

We’ve beefed up the outdoor cooking experience with more Dutch ovens, outdoor grills and tripods so everyone can enjoy cooking over the campfire.

Lambing and calving has pretty much finished on the farm so the fields are now full of young lambs bouncing around playfully.

If you would like to see more photos and updates, please have a look at our Facebook page.

4 Responses to “It’s all go for another season”

  1. Toni

    I would like to be added to you’re mailing list
    Many thanks

  2. Dom

    Hello. Do you allow a small dog to stay?

    • Laurie

      Hi, we don’t allow dogs sorry as we are on a working farm. We can recommend some nice and small kennels up the road if you are interested.


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