Billy the Kid

It’ has been a long time since i last posted some news from the farm.  TripletsThere has been lots going on to tell you about so, over the next few weeks i hope to catch up and put lots of snippets of news up.  First though, i thought i would start with the most exciting!.

Our two goats were put in kid for the first time in the spring by an extremely stinky billy called Hurricane.  After growing impossibly huge they both finally kidded last week and had a single and a set of triplets.  We were hoping for a couple of nanny (female) goats but unfortunately they were all billys (boys)and are already growing small horns.

They are incredibly friendly and nimble, jumping around the field or breaking out from their pen.  Mossy, Wren and Sylv have been having loads of fun rounding them up and shooing them out of the house!  If you’re on the farm this summer, hopefully you will get to meet the four little trouble makers.

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