Autumn colours

Autumn leaves

What a beautiful month October was!  The sun shone as the leaves slowly turned rusty red and orange.  It was a great end to another fun year.

We have taken our yurts down and packed them away until next Spring.  Over the winter we will be replacing the canvases on a couple of our yurts and making any changes for next season.  We are planning on building a zip wire so watch this space!

When we first started eight years ago we planted up areas of woodland in the yurt field with fruit and nut trees and other native hardwood trees.  These trees have really started to grow in size over the last couple of years and we have seen birds building their nests in them and have picked nuts off the hazel trees.  We are still waiting for a bumper crop of plums or apples but i’m sure it won’t be long!   It feels really special to have been able to create new habitats for nature and wild food sources.

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  1. craig evans

    Nice one Laurie,I wish you all every success !


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