Gorse flowers and cherry blossom

Train Carriage and gorse flowers

Easter is only a few days away and the gorse flowers are glowing a rich yellow down by the Train Carriage.   In a week or two the bluebells will pop out and join them to truly welcome in the Spring.  We’ve welcomed our first lovely guests of the year and the skies have shone lots so far so we’re off to a good start.  All we need now is a generous Easter bunny this weekend to keep our children happy!


On the farm the cows have been calving and sheep lambing so the fields are full of young animals.  Its a great time of year to be on the farm as the annual burst of new life energises the place.


We’ve been planting up areas of the yurt site with over 500 trees, mainly hazel, sweet chesnut and oak.  The hazel and sweet chesnut will be coppiced (cut down to the base to promote vigourous fresh growth) in the future to make hurdles, spoons and who knows, maybe even yurt rafters!  When we started our site over 9 years ago we planted parts of the field up with over a thousand trees, fruit trees and fruit bushes and it now gives me so much pleasure to walk through these young woodland and watch the cherries blossoming and catkins hanging from the hazel and alder branches.  The longtail tits and goldfinches skit from tree to tree looking for seeds and nest building material.  This afternoon I watched a jackdaw sitting on one of the Hereford cows backs pulling out its hair for its nest and the cow didn’t even move a muscle.

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