Bumble bees in the sun

Bees in the Cherry Blossom

This bumble bee just couldn’t get enough pollen in February’s hot sun!

Since we first set up our site over 10 years ago, we have planted around 2000 fruit and native trees around our the yurt field. It took a few years for the trees to establish themselves but they are now thriving. It’s a great feeling to see so much wildlife living in an envirionment you’ve made for them.

The day before this photo we watched a hare blast out of the trees in suprise. Our guests often see the hares lolloping lazily around the yurt field. Hopefully you will get lucky too if you are coming to stay this year!

Stacked logs from path clearing

Look at all the different shades of wood brown!

We cleared a new path down to the footpath that leads off to the stream and woodlands from our yurt field. A few big branches had fallen across the path over the winter so we chopped them up for next years firewood. The path will be a riot of rich bluebelly hues come May.

Such simple beauty in a fresh log stack. The colours are so striking.

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