11th year off grid

New solar panels in the snow

Our site is totally off grid, even in the snow!

For 10 years we’ve been running our site on wind and solar power. With new solar panels this year we’ll be making more hot water than ever.

It’s a strangely satisfying feeling having a hot shower knowing that all the energy that’s gone into heating it has been created by the sun.

The little solar panel in the foreground wasn’t quite keeping up with our needs so we’ve replaced it with 4 panels. Amazingly the 4 panels cost less altogether than the one panel 10 years ago and kick out over 5 times the power! Renewable technology has developed a lot in a short space of time and become accessible to everyone so we’re really happy to have played our tiny part in the movement towards fossil fuel free energy creation.

Well done and thank you to all our guests for coming to stay and using up all the solar and wind power!

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