Dandelions and marshmallows

How many dandelion clocks can you count?

The yurt field is bursting with colourful flowers, trees and grasses and buzzing with bees. I love this photo of the dandelions going to seed as it reminds me of happy moments spent picking them when I was younger and then playing a game where you blow all the seeds off them to tell the time. Luckily my children love doing it too so I get to join in!

Toasting marshmallows

Another fun way to enjoy the outdoors is to build a campfire and either sit back feeling proud in the warm glow of your achievement or to cook some food over it. We strongly encourage everyone to have a campfire outside while their staying!

This week we got our own campfire going with the children and toasted some marshmallows. It didn’t seem to matter if the marshmallows were only a little hot or turned to charcoal, our children couldn’t get enough.

It’s often the simplest thing we do that bring the most satisfaction and enjoyment.

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