Billy the kid

Billy the Kid

It' has been a long time since i last posted some news from the farm.  There has been lots going on to tell you about so, over the next few weeks i hope to catch up and put lots of snippets of news... more

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new bed in the mini yurt

It’s all go for another season

We're open for the season and it feels great. After a busy few weeks working through the job list, we're really happy with how everything is looking.  We think all the yurts are looking really... more

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New Donkeys

Donkeys and a new bed

The orange yurt has a new bed... i made it from some bits and pieces left over from building the train carriage and some ash wood that we felled two years ago. Hopefully we will make new king size... more

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Kicking big piles of leaves

Today on my way down to feed the chickens in the yurt field i looked up and realised it was now properly Autumn. It was one of those crisp and sunny October days where i could smell the scent of the... more

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Red train coming

Autumn has definately arrived with the leaves starting to change colour and fall off the trees in the wind. The yurts stood up really well to the tail end of the hurricane last week, luckily we... more

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Silage time

What a perfect summers day it has been. The sun has shone since sunrise with no clouds in the sky. I chopped a whole trailer full of logs to replenish the woodshed while Thea went off with Mossy... more

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Calves everywhere

The cows started calving 2 weeks ago so their are lots of little red and white calves hiding in the fields. So far we have had 3 heifers and 3 bull calves, all born healthily in the field beside the... more

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Pigs on the loose

We are now in our 3rd year as yurt farmers and have been welcoming new and returning guests back to our yurts. The field is looking really good this year with the trees and fruit bushes we planted... more

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