Timber Frame Barn Building

This summer, after years in the making, we finally got planning permission to build our new house and barn, whoopee! This autumn and winter we have been busy on the first part of the project, building the timber framed barn. The idea being that we could hone our skills and create somewhere to build our house from. There is way to much to write about in this short entry so i plan to have a link to a new blog up in the New Year but until then, very briefly, this is how the last few months have gone….

Barn frameview from the first floor








We sourced some high quality Douglas Fir from a local woodland to use to construct our timber framed barn. As soon as our busy summer season was over we hired a saw mill in to cut up the timber to make the different parts of the barn. The sun shone for 2 whole weeks while we sweated and stacked tons of freshly cut timber. Good work Jan and Alwyn!

Once the cutting list was completed we cleared out the cattle shed and turned it into our workshop. The deadline was on, the frame had to be completed before the cattle came in for the winter. The chisels and tape measures came out and wood chips started to fly. Posts were marked up, wall plates scarfed, tie beams morticed, braces tenoned and oak pegs tapered. Each section of the frame was laid out, crafted, marked up and then deconstructed, ready for the grand barn raising.

We made it… over the weekend of 1st of November we raised the barn with friends and family and ropes and pulleys and celebrated with beer, fireworks and goat curry (sorry little billys!). A truly amazing weekend powered by vast quantities of cakes and biscuits, thank you everyone.

Since then we have been working on the walls and roof so that it will be watertight for the winter. Luckily, after an amazingly still and warm November here in West Wales we are nearly there…. the pictures show what it looked like a couple of weeks ago.

Check back in a few weeks to see how we have got on or come and stay and have a look next year!

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  1. craig

    Looking good Laurie-Best of luck with the project-Craig ,Allt y Gigfran

    • Laurie

      Thanks Craig… you’ll have to drop by so i can show you where we used the timbers from your woodland. Laurie


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