Train Carriage and Gorse

Open 2nd April

We're really happy to be opening again this Spring. After a long Winter of not knowing when we would be able to open our doors to guests again, it feels like a big relief to know that we can... more

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Billy the kid

Billy the Kid

It' has been a long time since i last posted some news from the farm.  There has been lots going on to tell you about so, over the next few weeks i hope to catch up and put lots of snippets of news... more

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New Donkeys

Donkeys and a new bed

The orange yurt has a new bed... i made it from some bits and pieces left over from building the train carriage and some ash wood that we felled two years ago. Hopefully we will make new king size... more

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200 hens

These are our hens, all 200 of them. They’ve been up since the early hours laying organic eggs, 160 this morning, enough to fill 2 buckets. Some of these will be for sale in our little farm shop... more

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Calves everywhere

The cows started calving 2 weeks ago so their are lots of little red and white calves hiding in the fields. So far we have had 3 heifers and 3 bull calves, all born healthily in the field beside the... more

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Hungry hare

We were walking around the farm on Saturday showing some of guests around when a big hare popped out of the hedge and started to nibble on the beans by the polytunnel. He then lolloped off through... more

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Pigs on the loose

We are now in our 3rd year as yurt farmers and have been welcoming new and returning guests back to our yurts. The field is looking really good this year with the trees and fruit bushes we planted... more

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Snowing and sledging

All the fields are under a thick layer of the snow and my dad is busy feeding all the animals and making sure they have enough water as all the pipes are frozen. Luckily we got all our yurts down in... more

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End of a busy season

Two new pigs arrived at The Yurt Farm a few weeks ago and Mossy has decided to call them Butter and Marmite. Wren can watch them for hours but the pigs, two young boars, are more interested in eating... more

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