Tall ship in Aberaeron

Sea is only 20 minutes away!

Work stopped on building our new house this week as it was just TOO hot.  Instead, we have been zipping down to Aberaeron (only 20 minutes away!) in the evenings to jump in the sea and cool... more

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sunrise over the orange yurrt

Sunrise at the end of the season

Here's a beautiful picture of the sun rising over our yurts on the last day of our season.  From this yurt you have a huge uninterrupted view of the mountains. One of the nicest things to do... more

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Inside 21 foot yurt

Easter yurting

With Easter having come early this year we raced to get everything ready for the beginning of our season and made it just in time.  Thank you to everyone has been to stay with us so far this... more

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Daffodils in the snow

  So, we've oiled the yurt frames, laid the floors and begun to raise our yurts ready for the year ahead.  It's a great feeling to see our yurt field coming together again as the yurts... more

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new bed in the mini yurt

It’s all go for another season

We're open for the season and it feels great. After a busy few weeks working through the job list, we're really happy with how everything is looking.  We think all the yurts are looking really... more

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New handmade beds for yurts

Yurt raising 2014 begins

So here we go again... the yurts have begun to go up for what will be our 6th year as happy yurt farmers. With beaming hot sun, we almost got sunburnt while oiling the yurt frames, putting up the... more

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Train carriage updates

Over the winter i made a new table for the train carriage using oak boards salvaged from our firewood pile. The plan all along has been to brand a chess board into it. So finally, when our fire was... more

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Shower revamp

Yurt raising and shower revamps

The yurts are nearly all raised with just the large 21 foot yurt remaining. We'll pop that up later this week as the weather looks good. Meanwhile, we decided that after 5 years it was time to give... more

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Filming on the farm

Yurt Raising

This year is the start of our 5th year as 'yurt farmers'. The start of each season is always a busy time, making sure we get thinks looking as good as possible before opening. Thankfully we have had... more

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