daming at the yurt farm

A stream walk on our doorstep

There is a beautiful walk from the Yurt Farm down to a little stream that passes through the woods below.  I took my boys for a walk along it at the end of May to see the bluebells in full bloom... more

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Train Carriage holiday begins

Bright red Train Carriage

We've given the Train Carriage a fresh coat of post box red paint this year to freshen it up.  With all the trees in full leaf and flowers blooming, the yurt field is looking at its most... more

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sunrise over the orange yurrt

Sunrise at the end of the season

Here's a beautiful picture of the sun rising over our yurts on the last day of our season.  From this yurt you have a huge uninterrupted view of the mountains. One of the nicest things to do... more

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Autumn leaves

Autumn colours

What a beautiful month October was!  The sun shone as the leaves slowly turned rusty red and orange.  It was a great end to another fun year. We have taken our yurts down and packed them... more

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Inside 21 foot yurt

Easter yurting

With Easter having come early this year we raced to get everything ready for the beginning of our season and made it just in time.  Thank you to everyone has been to stay with us so far this... more

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Hedgehog comes to visit

At last.... yesterday the sun came out and heated the solar panels up to fill our water tank with lots of hot water. In the absence of sun, we have mostly had to rely on our solar ready gas powered... more

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Cuckoos and woodpeckers

It's been a while since my last post mainly because i always forget how many things there are to do in the day when we're open. The sun and rain has turned the farm a lush green, the cuckoo has been... more

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Bye Bye rusty train carriage

At last... we've started work on the train carriage. It has been sitting outside our house for nearly 2 years waiting for us to have a moment to start on it. Work finally got underway on Wednesday... more

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Hungry hare

We were walking around the farm on Saturday showing some of guests around when a big hare popped out of the hedge and started to nibble on the beans by the polytunnel. He then lolloped off through... more

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Dandelion wine

The meadow is a sea of yellow dandelions, Thea wants to make some wine because we have so many. The PV solar panels have been making lots of energy with all the glorious sun we are having and the... more

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