Toasting marshmallows

Dandelions and marshmallows

How many dandelion clocks can you count? The yurt field is bursting with colourful flowers, trees and grasses and buzzing with bees. I love this photo of the dandelions going to seed as it... more

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Train Carriage holiday begins

Bright red Train Carriage

We've given the Train Carriage a fresh coat of post box red paint this year to freshen it up.  With all the trees in full leaf and flowers blooming, the yurt field is looking at its most... more

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We’ve made a new compost toilet!

At last..their is now a new composting toilet in the lower field near to the 21 foot yurt and The Train Carriage. Made from just off cuts of wood and curved rafters from the old train carriage,... more

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Visit Wales visit!

We had a team from Visit Wales staying last night. They filmed their stay for a video that will be on their website this space! We put on a big massive breakfast made nearly all from... more

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Building our pizza oven

The big news is that we have a brilliant new pizza oven.... Thea's family stayed in the yurts for a week so we took the opportunity to finally make the pizza oven. With lots of feet and hands covered... more

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