House raising

house raising 4

It’s up… the frame of our new timber framed house!

Over a beautiful sunny weekend back in May we were joined by a huge group of family and friends for the house raising of our new home.

Over the last autumn, winter and Spring we milled, measured, chopped, fitted and marked all of the wooden components of the frame. These were then stacked away in the dry like a huge Lego kit, ready for the big day.
Using only ropes, pulleys and the odd bit of persuasion from a large hammer, everything was slotted and pegged together as the sun shone. When everyone went home on Sunday afternoon we were left with skeleton of our new house standing proud on the hill.

Thank you to everyone who cam along to be part of such a big day in our lives. It was an amazing feeling to think that so many of our friends and family will have been part of making our home.

If you’re coming to stay over the summer and would like a little tour, we’d be very happy to show you around. We may even have the roofs on by then!

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